24: Redemption

24: Redemption
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Original air dateNovember 23, 2008
Written byHoward Gordon
Directed byJon Cassar
Previous episodeDay 6 Debrief
Next episodeDay 7: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

24: Redemption is a special two-hour prequel TV-movie that bridges the gap between Season 6 and Season 7. It is set 3 and a half years after the events of Day 6 and takes place in between 3:00 and 5:00 PM on Inauguration Day in the United States.

The movie aired Sunday, November 23, 2008 on the FOX network at 8PM EST. The DVD was released on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 including an extended version of the movie and bonus features.


[edit] Episode Guide

Redemption opens up in the African nation of Sangala, an area that is is turmoil as a dangerous rebel group attempts to build up an army to overthrow the government and reclaim the land as their own. One of the leaders of the group, Colonel Ike Dubaku, is shown teaching young children how to fire guns as he prepares them for combat. At the end, an opposer to the cause is brought in as Dubaku orders one of the children to behead the man for his sins.

Tramell gives Benton Jack's subpoena

Next we are given the first appearance of Jack Bauer, as he is shown giving a young boy named Willie a scarf he had in his room. It is revealed that Jack has been traveling for quite some time as he avoids a subpoena from Washington where they are attempting to bring him in for all of the harsh interrogation techniques Jack has enforced over time. He currently is helping a friend of his, Carl Benton run a school in Sangala. Jack is tracked down by a State Official, Frank Tramell to give him a subpoena because he believes Jack has intentionally been ignoring the letters and calls from Washington. Jack states he'll only return to the US by force.

Jack hugs Willie as he gets ready to leave

After Ike Dubaku and his brother Youssou finish planning an attack, he gets a call from Jonas Hodges. Hodges tells Ike he'll provide him with professional soldiers, but Ike says the weapons Hodges sold to him is enough. A business man, Nichols who was hired by Hodges calls in one of his employees, Chris Whitley to his office. As he enters, Hodges leaves the room and Nichols tells Chris to immediately destroy all their records of Abu Dhabi and Eritrea.

When a young man, Thomas tells Charles Solenz, a UN officer that he believes General Benjamin Juma is having boys kidnapped for soldiers as his cousin has disappeared, Solenz says there's nothing to worry about. Benton intervenes and agrees to go check up on the boys as Willie's brother Desmond and another boy, James are in town.

As a group of boys are playing football, one of the boys spots Jeeps approaching with armed men, he yells for everyone to run. They're all eventually captured by Youssou Dubaku and his men. When Youssou and his men are distracted, Desmond and James run for their lives. Before they'll able to escape, they're gunned down.

Chris Whitley calls his friend, Roger Taylor because he desperately needs to meet with Roger. Roger's girlfriend Samantha Roth is annoyed, but Roger agrees for Chris to come over.

Allison Taylor meets with President Daniels

President-elect Allison Taylor and her husband Henry Taylor arrive at the White House and meet with Tom Lennox. Lennox informs Allison that there is an imminent coup in Sangala.

After President Noah Daniels is done speaking with Prime Minister Ule Matobo via live videoconference regarding General Juma, Allison Taylor wants to weigh in on the situation in Sangala. While in the Oval Office, she expresses her confusion as to how Juma could raise an army so secretly. Daniels simply disagrees with everything she says and refuses to help because he believes there's no assets in Sangala worth saving.

Back in Sangala, Benton goes searching for the boys at the football field and sees that James has been killed, but Desmond is still alive, but injured. He picks him up and carries him to safety.

Jack fends off the rebel group

While Jack is ready to leave, he gets a call from Benton who says that James has been killed and that Desmond in badly injured. It's because Juma is raising an army. Benton tells Jack where to find weapons and where to send the boys for shelter. As the boys, along with Solenz hide underneath the classroom structure for safety, Jack readies himself with guns and TNT sticks. Youssou and members of the rebel group then invade the area looking for children to aid them as soldiers. Jack is able to kill a few of them by blowing up one of the vehicles and shooting them. Jack kills a few more rebels, but he's eventually captured in the woods by Youssou and his men.

Jack is then tied up and tortured for the location of the boys. Youssou burns his ear with a heated machete as Jack screams in pain, but doesn't give up the location. Jack then is able to see a light coming from the woods, it's Benton signaling him with a car's rear-view mirror. Jack pretends to break down and says the boys are hiding in the woods. While three men go to check the area, Benton is able to kill them. With Youssou's back turned, Jack is able to swing his legs around his throat to snap his neck. Benton arrives and unties Jack. He tells Jack of his plans to get the boys to the embassy. Before they decide to split up, Benton wishes Jack luck and then gets the boys from the hiding spot. Solenz refuses to let them use his UN truck for help, and he soon leaves by himself. Jack reunites with Benton and agrees to stay and help him as he has one of the rebel's radio to avoid the roadblocks.

President Daniels and Allison Taylor argue over the situation in Sangala

In Washington, Chris Whitley meets with Roger Taylor. Chris confesses to Roger that he helped his boss Nichols launder money and that someone on the government's terrorist watch list was involved. Chris wants Roger to help him out with having his mother give him a presidential pardon for his involvement. Chris tells Roger he'll email him within the hour with the evidence.

Allison Taylor is set to become the first female President of the United States. She is shown arguing with current President Noah Daniels over whether or not they should send in troops to stop the uprising in Sangala from General Juma. Daniels refuses, and this leads to Allison Taylor requesting help from husband, Henry Taylor. He tells her he will have Chief of Staff Ethan Kanin look into whether or not Daniels has suspicious means for his actions.

Chris Whitley arrives at his apartment to gather the evidence. He hears a thump elsewhere in the apartment and decides to look around. He finds nothing and returns to the computer to find a strange man sitting there with a gun. The man starts to ask a nervous Chris questions. Suddenly, a second man comes from behind and smacks Chris and forces him into a chair. The man wants to know what Chris knows about the stolen files.

Benton draws fire while Jack and the boys run to safety

Roger Taylor and his girlfriend Samantha Roth arrive at the Inauguration ceremony. Roger thanks his bodyguard and driver, Edward Vossler for making good time. As they walk away, Vossler gets on the phone with the man from Chris' apartment. He tells Vossler that the files have been recovered. Chris is seen being injected with a syringe.

Jack and the boys make their way to the embassy

Back in Sangala, Jack, Benton, and the boys are making their way to the embassy. Benton thinks they should split up as Jack doesn't want to go back to the US. Jack hands Benton his gun and are ready to part ways. Before they do, Jack hears an incoming chopper. They all run for cover into the woods as Colonel Dubaku spots them. When Willie notices that the scarf Jack gave him is missing, he goes to find it. He spots it and goes to pick it up, but Benton notices landmines and accidentally steps on one. He then tells Jack to take the children and leave him. Jack tries to disarm it, but Benton knows it can't be done. After an emotion struggle, Jack gives in. Benton hands Jack the sponsorship papers for the boys and Jack and the boys leave.

Colonel Dubaku and his men spot Benton with his rifle raised and they surround him. Dubaku demands to know where Jack is because he killed his brother. Benton refuses and is shot twice by Dubaku. Benton starts to mumble something, as Dubaku can't hear, he leans closer. Benton then says "go to hell!" and removes his foot off the landmine. Jack hears the explosion, and is saddened by the realization that Benton is dead.

Allison Taylor gives her Inauguration speech to the nation
Jack on the chopper going back to US

At the Inauguration ceremony in Washington, Vossler informs Jonas Hodges that Whitley's threat has been limited. Hodges then insists that it should be eliminated. He asks Vossler about Roger, he assures there's no evidence and Whitley's story won't hold without evidence.

In Sangala, Jack finally reaches the city and they only have minutes to reach the US embassy before the final chopper takes off for the United States after Noah Daniels ordered an evacuation of the area. After shooting more of the rebel group, Jack reaches the gates with the children. Frank Tramell tells Jack that he will only allow the children passage to the US if he surrenders and is placed under arrest. Jack agrees and he is handcuffed and led to the helicopter by officials as the children board as well.

The episode comes to a close with Allison Taylor being sworn in as President. During her speech, Jonas Hodges is shown telling one of his associates to keep a close eye on Roger Taylor in case he ever intends to act upon the info he was told by his friend about their dealings. Elsewhere, Chris Whitley body is seen being encased in cement. Jack, along with the boys are flown to safety on the last chopper back to the US.

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[edit] Background Information and Notes

  • 24: Redemption was originally titled 24: Exile. The title was changed by the network a few months prior to the airing of Redemption.
  • This is the first episode to not feature the city of Los Angeles or its CTU branch.
  • This is the first episode to feature a scene before the 24 title sequence.
  • This is the first episode since Day 3: 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM to use the "Events occur in real time" line during the opening narration.
  • The filming took place from June 4-20, 2008. The majority was filmed on location in Cape Town, South Africa with the final scenes being shot in Los Angeles, California.
  • 24: Redemption ends with the silent clock. This is the seventh instance of it. It's also the only time its been used in back-to-back episodes, as it was used in Day 6: 5:00 AM – 6:00 AM.

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