Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor during Redemption
Portrayed byEric Lively
Appeared inRedemption

Roger Taylor is the son of Allison and Henry Taylor. He became the First Son when his mother was sworn in as President of the United States during Redemption.


Roger Taylor is first seen in his home with his girlfriend Samantha Roth. As they prepare to head off to Allison Taylor's inauguration ceremony, Roger receives an odd call from Chris Whitley, a longtime friend of his. Chris insisted that the two meet to discuss a problem Chris had encountered, and Roger assumed he was doing drugs again. After much hesitation and resistance from Samantha, Roger agreed to let Chris come over.

Once there, Chris pleads with Roger for help because he believes that his boss, Nichols, and another man (Jonas Hodges) have gotten him involved in illegal operations involving money laundering. Chris believes that Roger's mother, Allison Taylor, might be able to assist. Roger tells his friend that he can't do anything without proof, so Chris heads back to his place to get info off of his computer.

While Roger and Samantha are at the ceremony, Chris is murdered by men working for Jonas Hodges.

Day 7

During a conversation between President Allison Taylor and Ethan Kanin, it is revealed that Roger Taylor died from a suicide.

Roger's father, Henry Taylor believes his son didn't commit suicide and has hired a private investigator to look into his death. The PI discovered that Roger's girlfriend Samantha Roth received $400,000 into an offshore account. Later, when Samantha meet up with Henry to speak in private, she admitted that Roger was murdered and was covered up by the same people who fabricated the evidence of his insider trading. Samantha handed over a flash drive to Henry containing all the information she knew regarding his murder. It's then later revealed that Secret Service Agent Brian Gedge murdered Roger as he confessed to Henry as he was preparing to kill him after he drugged his coffee.

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