Nichols on Day 7
Portrayed byMark Aiken
First appearanceRedemption
Last appearanceDay 7: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Nichols is an American businessman who helped fund General Juma with the weapons and supplies he needed in Sangala. Nichols also worked alongside Colonel Dubaku during the events of Day 7.


Jonas Hodges has a discussion with Nichols in his office about their alliance with General Juma. As a safety precaution, Hodges orders Nichols to destroy all evidence of their dealings with him through money laundering. Nichols assigns the task to Chris Whitley, but after digging a bit deeper, Chris finds out that his boss and Hodges were connected to someone on the terrorist watch list. After telling Roger Taylor about the information, Chris is killed by men working under Hodges.

Day 7

Nichols is with Colonel Dubaku and David Emerson at their HQ when Michael Latham is brought to them, along with the CIP Device. Latham is placed in a holding cell, and then Nichols advises Dubaku on the best method of using the device to free up Sangala of American troops that are stationed off the coast. Later, after Tony Almeida is captured and taken into FBI custody, Emerson insists on using their connections and the mole they have inside the FBI to get Tony out. Nichols insists that isn't a good idea though, saying how Tony got himself in that mess and it was better to just hire someone to replace him.

Nichols meets with Tony for the exchange

After Renee Walker is captured by Emerson and his crew, Nichols speaks with his contact inside the FBI. He finds out that Walker knows nothing of their plans outside of Alan Tanner's involvement, so Nichols orders Emerson to kill her. He then leaves with some of Dubaku's men to head for the rendezvous point, where Nichols has arranged to hand over diamonds to Emerson in exchange for Prime Minister Matobo and his wife. Once there however, Tony tells him that he has killed the rest of the crew, wanting the diamonds for himself. After loading the Matobo's into his vehicle, Nichols signals his man to kill Tony. Before he can, Jack fires a sniper rifle from a catwalk up above, killing him. Jack then fires a warning shot at Nichols' feet. Tony insists he leaves, so Nichols gets into his car and drives back to Dubaku's location.

After putting Matobo and his wife in a holding cell, Nichols and Dubaku spot Jack and company on a security camera breaking into the law firm in which they are situated. After using an explosive device to cause a distraction, Tony and Bill Buchanan open fire on the group of men. Jack and Renee Walker drop down from the ceiling and engage them as well. Escaping the onslaught of bullets, Nichols makes his way down a corridor and into the room where the Matobo's are located. He orders them to come with him as hostages, but they refuse. Nichols then points at gun at Alama, but he is shot in the back by Agent Walker. Nichols falls to the ground, dead.

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